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Tim Peake - British astronaut

Posted on: 16th December 2015 | Category: School Life

Yesterday Tim Peake made history by being the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station as part of a 6 month scientific research expedition. Surval is following Tim`s expedition on Twitter and Facebook, receiving live updates of the scientific experiments he is carrying out. In honour of this, in term two Surval will focus a series of science lessons on the Physical, Biological and Chemical aspects of space travel and life in space using resources provided by Tim Peake. This will include activities such as rockets and rocket travel, the effect of gravity on biomechanics and plant growth and generating energy in space, as well as many more. This is an exciting opportunity in the forthcoming term for students to explore the idea of life in space whilst following live updates from the International Space Station. Surval has a special interest as Tim Peake attended as a pupil the school where Ms Stobbart’s son Stuart is a teacher: Stuart was interviewed on BBC Breakfast Television about the work Tim will be doing for schools.

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