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Time for a Spa – in the mountain air

Posted on: 17th October 2014 | Category: Swiss adventures

A group of Surval students were treated to a Sunday afternoon relaxing in the warmest thermal water in Switzerland! The girls enjoyed lying in the two outdoor pools while looking up at the surrounding mountains. The whirl pool, water jets and fountains were also a great source of enjoyment outdoors. Their time spent outdoors was interspersed with the indoor trips to saunas, hammams and relaxation rooms. The only difficult part of the afternoon was realising they had to get out at the end! Our trip to Les Bains de Lavey was a great experience and everyone returned to Surval rejuvenated and ready to start the academic week!

“I went to a spa called Les Bains de Lavey. It was like a swimming pool but an odd one. It had water jets that massages your neck or your back. It also had saunas, Jacuzzis, a whirl pool, a bar, a restaurant and more. It was a fun and relaxing day. (Princess, Phillipines)

“What I enjoyed the most was going in the ‘Black Room!’ The room was completely dark except for anything that was white, which was highlighted as a neon blue. You would go in there to have a sit or lie down for a while and it was very quiet, calm and relaxing. The only thing you would hear was quiet spa music.” (Andreia, Portugal) 

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