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Toboganning Fun in Leysin

Posted on: 6th February 2018

The Sunday before Ski Week, we looked out of the windows of Surval, the grey clouds hanging over the mountains and pouring rain did not look very welcoming. However, after lunch it was time for sixteen girls to change into their snow-wear and get into the school minibuses to drive up the mountain to Leysin, the local ski resort. The greyness was replaced by white mountains and the rain changed to snow. This time we were not skiing, as we were going to the Tobogganing Park instead. After some short verbal instructions in French and English, each girl was provided with an inflated rubber ‘doughnut’ and was asked to stand on a large conveyor belt, ‘magic carpet,’ holding their doughnut in tow. This took us up the mountain to a series of runs which were classified as blue, red or black according to their initial steepness and speed. The girls were shown how to sit in the doughnuts and were soon sliding down the slopes. After initially trying the easier runs, the instructors advised the girls to link their doughnuts in twos and threes to pick up even more speed on the harder runs. Meanwhile, the snow was falling faster and faster and some of the older girls decided to retreat into comfort of the mountainside café. After two hours, now in near blizzard conditions, only three of our youngest girls had continued until the very end. A few small snow fights later, happy and tired, we were on our way back to school. 


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