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Tobogganing in Leysin

Posted on: 1st March 2016

Last Sunday, the girls went to the picturesque village of Leysin for an afternoon of tobogganing. Each girl received an inflatable ring to sit in as they cascaded down the toboggan runs at thrilling high speeds. There were ten different slopes to choose from, each of different gradients and potential speeds. The girls started off on a nice gentle glacial run but were soon enticed by the lure of the steeper runs. At one point, five of us plunged down an icy slope together eliciting ear piercing shrieks from all involved.

Excitement reached fever pitch, however, as the girls lined up for the Air Bag Run. This steep slope, with a sudden upturn at the end, ejected the girls from the slide into the air before they plummeted to a cushy landing on the air bag below. This was very popular with the adrenaline junkies of Surval who also lined up to watch their friends, as they too were hurled through the chilly Leysin afternoon at high speed. An exciting day that provided endless screams and laughter was had by all involved.

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