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Water Sports on Lake Geneva

Posted on: 1st October 2013 | Category: Sport

Surval girls are exceptionally fortunate in having so many opportunities for unusual sports. For the first weekend of term everyone spent an afternoon on Lake Geneva in the glorious autumn sunshine. With the spectacular backdrop of the mountains girls had a great time wakeboarding and using the doughnut rings amidst hilarious laughter from staff and girls alike. Ale Rios was the star of the afternoon on the wakeboard whilst several adventurous teachers tried to outdo the girls in the doughnut rings. 

Sport is part of our extensive enrichment programme from which all girls choose at least two activities in addition those on offer on Sports Thursday. Our timetable for the programme is here and shows the variety of opportunities available to the girls, before the winter ski season begins next term with all our alpine activities.

Watch a video, below, of the the girls enjoying water sports on Lake Geneva, or click here for more photographs.

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