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Posted on: 21st September 2014 | Category: Sport

Despite the prospect of rather chilly water in Lake Geneva, nothing could stop a group of Surval students from venturing out to spend an afternoon wakeboarding and donuting. For some of the students this was a good opportunity to show off their impressive skills on the water. However, equally impressive were the group of girls who had never wakeboarded before but threw their fears aside and gave it a go. A special congratulations to Svetlana and Victoria who managed to stand up on their first attempt!

After an afternoon of fun we returned back to Surval completely exhausted!

"Definitely of all the days I've been in Surval water sports day was the best so far. The weather was really nice, it was a really good day to go out with your friends to the lake and do some sports. We did wakeboarding and everybody gave it a go and did great even at their first attempt. After the water skiing we did some water tube which was pretty amazing and it was my favourite part of the day. I had a lot of fun. It had been years since I laughed as I did. It was a lot of fun, being with your friends in the lake doing some sports in a great weather." (Mexican Student)

"We have a fantastic weekend. At Sunday a lot of people signed for the watersports so we had a big friendly group. I was in the second group so I needed to wait for first group but meantime I can go swimming. The lake was cold, so it is difficult to swim in the lake. It is very exciting and beautiful. In my second group for wakeboard we had only 2 people. So it was very easy and fast. I was very excited and scared because it my first time. I ski-ed on the wakeboard and I can stand up on the board! It was very difficult but fun!" (Svetlana, Russia)


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