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Welcome back to Surval!

Posted on: 8th May 2015 | Category: Special events

Last weekend saw 30 former students back at Surval, some meeting each other for the first time in more than 25 years. Of course the main purpose of the visit was to see their friends and to catch up on all that had happened in the many years since Surval.  We would love to hear some of those stories!  In true Surval fashion, our visitors wore some stunning outfits which were the envy of our current students: who knows what Graduation will bring? The former students had mainly been on Finishing courses and IVP, so their experience was very different from today’s Surval.  Most were over nineteen when they came, and they enjoyed intensive French, etiquette and cookery, and considerable travel opportunities.  They were not used to a full academic timetable and were intrigued by the classroom lessons they observed.  The complete refurbishment of the ground floor, the offices, the Library and above all the art room came in for high praise. Likes so many of today’s Surval students, they all said their year had been ’transformational: a year out of time: unforgettable’ and best of all was that they had made friends for life across the world. Plus ça change…!

To view more photos of our Alumnae Reunion, click here

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