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Welcome Brunch for Parents

Posted on: 1st October 2013 | Category: School Life, Special events

Term started with great excitement at Surval on Sunday with a wonderful brunch for over 30 parents. Our team of three chefs had prepared a delicious buffet enabling parents to talk to each other and to members of the teaching staff, getting to know those people who would be teaching and looking after their daughters.

Parents then had the opportunity to walk around the school to enjoy the breathtaking views and to see for themselves the high standard of classrooms, displays and the boarding accommodation. From almost all the rooms there are spectacular views of the lake and the mountains and girls in particular were also surprised and pleased by the small class sizes of up to six students.

Our greatest asset in school is the quality of our teaching staff, who between them not only have some six first class degrees and a number of masters’ and doctorates, but who also have an amazing variety of extra- curricular activities and talents to share with the girls.  These include mountain climbing (four peaks over 4000 metres this holiday); writing books and articles on erudite subjects; debating; yoga; knitting; drama; music; volleyball, ‘maths, maths and more maths’ and many others.  Please look at our who’s who to see photographs and details of our staff.

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