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Winter Campers visit the Chocolate Factory

Posted on: 28th January 2016 | Category: Swiss adventures, Trips and excursions

On Friday the winter campers indulged themselves in the world of Swiss chocolate by visiting the Cailler chocolate factory, recently renovated over this year and always a highlight for any visitor to Switzerland.

All the girls were bubbling with excitement at the thought of experiencing the incredible flavours of the best cocoa from the region.

The first part of the tour led the girls back in time where they were immersed in the history of chocolate making and Francois- Louis Cailler himself; the founder of the famous Cailler chocolate. 

Next came a variety of displays about the chocolate making process in Maison Cailler, learning about the raw ingredients including cocoa beans and roasted nuts. The trail continued leading to the machine that produced the chocolate, illustrating the process of chocolate becoming a finished product. This was what they had all been waiting for!

What would be a visit to the Cailler Chocolate factory without being able to taste it?

With great enthusiasm girls entered the final room filled with a huge variety of every type and taste of Cailler chocolate for them to try – they were all in their element! Chocolates came almost directly from the production line into eager and appreciative hands, and mouths!

Not only the tasting room but of course the chance to buy for themselves and their families from the amazing store, filled with goodies!  The girls then explored the town of Gruyeres where they ate lunch and enjoyed the scenic, snow covered views and the medieval architecture. An enchanting end to a busy day!

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