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Women’s Self defence Workshop at Surval

Posted on: 5th October 2017

Self-defence is an extremely important skill to learn, especially for young women. Six Surval girls took part in a self-defence workshop on Saturday afternoon with a specialist instructor. They learnt how to defend themselves from a range of attackers and how to deal with different levels of severity of an attack. This was an eye-opening experience for some of them who learned how to maintain their strong, 'inner animal' and their independence. 

This was not a kickboxing lesson on learning punching techniques, but instead taught them what to do if they were taken by surprise, when their heart rate might shoot through the roof.
In such moments, adrenaline or the situation itself might prevent them from using a perfect jab or kick, and so the instructor, Martial, taught the girls the best moves to deter, shock or delay a potential attacker. 

They also learned how to find how to fight back by targeting the sensitive parts of the attacker, such as the ears and practised other self-defence moves. 
After much practice and a lot of shouting, they all released their chosen inner animal, and also had a good giggle over Liza's 'inner animal' - a turtle!


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