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"blue true dream of sky"

Posted on: 29th April 2013 | Category: Principal's Blog

ee cummings’ inspirational poem has been illustrated for us by Cherrell Avery, calligrapher in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum last year.  The first line sums up life at Surval this month. We have reason to be grateful for some amazing days: ‘the leaping greenly spirits of trees’ as the mountain and lakeside are alive with the ‘vert tendre’ of spring; and the ‘blue true dream of sky’ has been a delight for weeks.

In Switzerland the landscape is so stunningly dominant that it provides us with an endless source of inspiration. But we are equally fortunate in being at the centre of outstanding cultural opportunities with which we can all enrich our lives.

We are striving this year to open girls’ eyes to the cultural world around them, to make them observant of detail as well as the whole.  Paris in the springtime provided a four day 'moveable feast' (as Hemingway expressed it) of memories of the city famous for her history of the lives of artists, writers, musicians, and architects who have found and who continue to find the inspiration for creativity and innovation in their work.

Our visit was organised with a grand offering of diversity in art, cuisine, and history and with time to realise and appreciate the elegance of the culture of this great city.

Rock the Ballet provided a vibrant and exciting evening of contemporary ballet. The highlight of the month was the Qin exhibition in Berne, the Terracotta Warriors and the whole depth of Chinese culture and politics in the second century BC.  To appreciate the Eighth Wonder of the World we organised a ‘family outing’, for household staff, administration, teachers and students to spend time together enjoying this outstanding exhibition. Girls were encouraged to look at detail, focusing on one artefact or idea that had impressed and moved them. Responses ranged from the varieties of hairstyles adopted by different ranks: the currency from different regions such as ‘spade’ and ‘knife’ money; the jade ornaments, so ancient yet so modern and deeply moving; and the beautiful intricacy of the decoration on bronze jugs and bells.  From this inspirational exhibition we moved on to the Paul Klee Museum where girls loved both the vibrant colours and the skill of the different styles of the artist and his contemporaries.    A rich cultural offering indeed. 

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