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Exciting times at Surval Montreux

Posted on: 23rd May 2013 | Category: Principal's Blog

A school is all about its community. No matter how much we enhance the facilities, and we have certainly done this at Surval since September, it is the girls above all who make the school what it is.

To emphasize this we have introduced a Student of the Year Award, to be presented to the girl who has made the greatest contribution to the school community. Our first award winner, elected by students and staff, is Theodora Mavrokordatos. Teo‘s ambition is to become a teacher, and her fitness for this career is evident in the way she has supported girls who have had difficulties with homework, or who want someone their own age to talk to about more personal issues. Teo’s contribution has been outstanding. This award has another ‘family’ strand: Teo’s sister Ifigenia also studies at Surval on the IVP programme, as did their older sister Maria, and their mother also studied at IVP in the past. We congratulate Teo as a well-deserved first winner.

May has been a busy month on the social scene.The famous Montreux Spring Ball chose ‘Moulin Rouge’ for its theme this year. Our girls looked stunning and we were very proud of them. We celebrated Cinco di Mayo at school, and followed this with a visit to Geneva to hear the talented singer Lana del Rey. A large group went to a rainy London for a trip declared by all to have been ‘amazing’. A Georgian production of As You Like It at The Globe theatre was a rare treat, and girls enjoyed the traditional sightseeing visits as well as a tour of the Harry Potter Studios which was a huge success.

Now it’s heads down for serious revision before the final examinations!

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