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Living and learning a language at Surval

Posted on: 22nd January 2015 | Category: Teacher blog

If I am making embarrassing mistakes while communicating in a new language… I am on the right path!

Since I started to teach at Surval, I have been looking into the relationship that my pupils build with Foreign Languages and World Cultures. I consider as particularly fascinating the approach that our younger girls establish with French because they can benefit from language immersion locally.

Many girls still show uncertainty and embarrassment while communicating in a foreign language because they are aware that they are making mistakes. The big step towards the mastering of communication, however, should be accomplished through experimentation, the educator’s help, various mistakes and a pinch of audacity! Only in this way will each pupil walk into the exploration of language and appreciate its priceless social value.

This is the reason why I particularly praise those pupils who overcome their fear and consistently practise their communicative skills in the shops, cafés and restaurants of Montreux. They put real effort into exploring this elegant, diverse, and fascinating language called French. Federica Spigarelli

Linguist and Teacher of French, German and Italian

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