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Principal's Blog: A Transformational Journey

Posted on: 26th April 2018 | Category: Principal's Blog

Springtime at Surval is the perfect time to think about new beginnings. Looking out of the window of my office, I am struck by how green and verdant our surroundings are - it’s the perfect palette for a landscape of promise, one where our girls can stretch their mind, body and spirit.

At an assembly to mark the start of this term, I spoke to our school about the motif of the caterpillar: a creature who sheds its skin to become a beautiful butterfly. Our time at Surval offers a transformational journey for everyone. 

And speaking of new beginnings, there is much to celebrate here this term. We welcome our new artist in residence Miss Mochrie, a book illustrator, who joins us just in time for World Book Day, where she and English teacher Miss MacLeod have been collaborating on a stunning project, of which more later. 

Meanwhile, Miss MacLeod has established a new school Sustainability club which offers our girls a platform to share their passion for protecting our beautiful planet so that their children and their children’s children can, in Miss MacLeod’s words 'cherish and enjoy its treasures as we do’. 

And so to the transformational journey. We know that new beginnings bring with them a sense of anticipation, a call to adventure, and that the journey may not always be smooth. As I look to mountains across the lake from the school, they are still dusted with snow, their pinnacles touching the clouds, such that sometimes the peaks may seem unattainable.

We don’t all have literal mountains to climb, but we do have our own transformational journeys ahead of us, journeys whose foundations we lay today in order that tomorrow benefits. 

At Surval, it’s about ensuring these new beginnings are foundations for future success, whilst understanding too that we shouldn’t get disheartened if there are times when we stumble and fall; that is part of the course. We are here to encourage girls to follow their paths, trace their new beginnings and pursue their personal calls to adventure;  aware  of who they are and what they do today. 

I’m reminded of lines from an old Sanskrit poem, called ‘Look Well To This Day’ - ‘Tomorrow is only a vision, But today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.’ I hope that for all of us we can live today well, so that we continue to believe in a vision of hope for tomorrow. 

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