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What is a Surval girl?

Posted on: 18th May 2016 | Category: Principal's Blog

What is a Surval girl?

When parents and girls visit Surval for the first time, they always comment on the atmosphere: ‘it’s a home, it’s like a family’ are phrases they often use.  They feel this is because girls are so friendly. As a result, they then ask, ‘what is a Surval girl?’  I asked our present students what they thought. The comments are from our current students, all from different countries, and all for whom English is a second or third language. 

There is no way I can describe a Surval girl because we are all different and unique. We all think and act differently. I can say what a group of Surval girls looks like: creative, intelligent, funny, tenacious, persistent, fun. 

A Surval girl has a unique personality, and she follows her dreams. She never gives up.

I think it’s a good question. When I first came to Surval I found the girls very friendly towards each other, which is a good thing, because if you are friendly, you will find it easier to make friends. Surval girls work hard in lessons, everyone is polite to teachers and they work hard because they want to do well. Also if we want a good environment we need to do some activities, because you cannot just study all day. We need to relax. We get lots of interesting activities and clubs: and I love new experiences and the trips. I’m a Surval girl. I love Surval.

Each Surval girl is unique and special in her own way. Each one makes a difference in the school, and makes Surval, Surval. Being a Surval girl is believing in yourself and following your heart. A Surval girl is independent and sensitive to others. She finds her own talents and understands other cultures. She loves visiting towns and cities across the world. 

Every girl is different, but we study together and people are kind to each other. We can’t be the same because we are good at different things: we all work hard, never give up, and do our best. 

Leaders and teachers are very important. We have good teachers and they are nice to all of us. We love them very much. 

And Liberal Arts girls made a list of what they like about Surval: 

The people: students, teachers, the whole Surval family: the uniqueness: the trips: the knowledge: the different cultures: the languages: the clubs: the classes: the activities: and the food! 

As Headmistress, what would I say about a Surval girl?

Above all, she is unique and her uniqueness is valued and shared. She is a girl who needs to learn to believe in herself, in who she can be, so that over time she becomes, as a former student expressed it, the girl she always wanted to be. She finds she is capable of much more than she had thought-academically, socially, in sports and activities and she finds new talents and interests. She is a girl who will try new things and take advantage of the exceptional opportunities in this small international family: making friends for life all across the world, having a go everything, from skiing or tobogganing to experiments in chemistry, developing a love for new languages and different cultures, being able to take part in discussion and debate where she listens to other as well as expressing her own view.  She will travel extensively and learn to understand cultures and customs different from her own, by exploring art and architecture, and the way of life, for people in the cities she visits. Every single girl who comes makes a difference to the Surval community: what she gives and, occasionally, what she holds back, makes a difference and shapes the school. She helps to create that ethos of a family, a home, that so many of our visitors comment on. I am immensely proud of every individual Surval girl. She is amazing - and we help her to stay that way.

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