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Why Study in Switzerland

Posted on: 4th August 2018 | Category: Guest blog

Why Study in Switzerland

A Q&A with Peter Zombori, CEO of Premium Switzerland

As Switzerland celebrated its National Day on Wednesday 1 August; a day that signifies a historic alliance made in 1291 by the three canons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden, we asked CEO of Premium Switzerland, Peter Zombori, to share his thoughts on why Switzerland is a great place to study. As CEO of the online luxury travel agency in Zurich - that provides premium services and travel solutions for leisure, corporate and education – Peter is deeply passionate about what Switzerland has to offer for international families.

What are the benefits of living in Switzerland?
There are a lot of factors why I personally like to live in Switzerland. Most importantly everything is so close by. I ride to work on my bicycle, the longest travel for business is 3 hrs (from Zurich to Geneva), and my favourite ski resorts are only 80 min away from my home. But also safety is super important. I don’t lock my door at home, I never lock my bicycle, etc. Switzerland is a country with high living standards, an excellent location for easy access to
the rest of Europe, and with an abundance of beautiful mountains, lakes and ski resorts.

How are Swiss international schools different from international schools in other popular study destinations such as UK and USA?
I personally believe that Swiss schools have a very high level of quality and organisation. They also provide the perfect environment for learning other languages than English, such as French and German. Switzerland also is a truly international hub where people of all different cultures and countries come together.

In your view, what are the key advantages to sending your children to an international school in Switzerland?
In addition to providing a top level academic education, the added benefits of Switzerland is that it provides a very safe environment, beautiful surroundings, and so many opportunities for learning beyond the classrooms through travel, language practice, etc.

What advice would you give families who are currently considering Switzerland as a place for their child’s education?
Do your preparation work and be clear on what you would like for your child. Visit the schools if possible, it is the best way of getting insight into whether the school is suited for your child.

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