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“Even if our actions are small, later our voice could make a significant change…”

Posted on: 23rd November 2018 | Category: Academic Programmes, Surval Life

“Even if our actions are small and simple in this moment, later our voice and initiatives could make a significant change…”

Rubi and Rhizland (G9) describe the experience of being part of the Model United Nations Conference at Institut Le Rosey.

Earlier in November, the Surval Montreux Model United Nations club was invited to a MUN Conference at Institut Le Rosey. Here we divided ourselves into our delegations and committees, and then spent six hours debating key issues with the other participants. There were four committees discussing different topics and issues: the historical committee looked at the ramifications of the Treaty of Versailles; the environmental committee explored the problem of plastic pollution; and the other two committees discussed, respectively, the ongoing Crimean and Kashmir conflicts.

This opportunity allowed us to demonstrate our debating and public speaking skills, which we have been consolidating in MUN club throughout this term. Additionally, it enabled us to discuss with other intelligent and topically engaged students of our own age some of the conflicts happening in the world right now. Moreover, it also gave us a deeper insight into how the UN itself operates. As we were investigating and giving our opening speeches, we appreciated afresh how difficult it is to solve any conflict. Though we have discussed solutions, we found ourselves feeling that these were not good enough – they will negatively affect someone or something in some way, so we need to keep thinking until we find the best solution possible.

Being part of this conference and debating with other thoughtful and highly skilled students brought to life the importance of being involved in world issues and trying to make a change for the better; even if our actions are small and simple in this moment, later our voice and initiatives could make a significant change or even inspire someone else to act too.

We are the future: our generation will one day lead the world; and being aware of the problems we are facing now can help us to not commit them again.

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