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Letter from a Surval girl to a new student

Posted on: 18th May 2016 | Category: Surval Life

Letter from a Surval girl to a new student

Dear Adriana

You have no idea how amazing Switzerland is! My school, Surval, is set on one of the many mountains in the Swiss Alps. Below us is the beautiful Lac Léman. Everything here is amazing, from the views to the food.

To start, the view from my room is breath-taking. I wake up every morning to see the Swiss Alps surrounding me and the crystal blue lake gleaming below me. There is so much to do in this paradise, from winter skiing to just taking a walk round the school. The sunsets here are unbelievable. Every afternoon you see shades of orange paint the sky. I feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful place. In the city of Montreux, just ten minutes away, I love to enjoy a coffee in one of the many restaurants, or just to walk by the lakeside.

I think December is the best time here, mainly because the Christmas markets are set in Montreux. Next to the lake, people set upon their little stalls in the front of small chalets. Everything that is sold is lovely, especially the food. My favourite stand is the waffle and crepe stand, as they are so delicious! A Ferris wheel is in place at the Christmas market time. I love it when you stop at the top and can see the whole ‘town’ of markets.

It can get very cold here in Switzerland but I love the cold weather, especially when it snows. The bad thing about the winter season is that we don’t get much sunlight. The sun sets about 4.40 and doesn’t rise until around 8am, so daylight is quite short. But it is lovely to visit the Christmas markets at night because they look so pretty.

During the fall, Surval was surrounded by oranges and yellows. All round, the trees turned beautiful colours. On Thursdays, we went biking and the views were beautiful as we biked through a forest of tall orange trees. 

In the mornings when the weather is foggy, it looks as if we are trapped in between a cloud bank, with the clouds creeping up at us.

I really hope you will come to this wonderful place filled with the most amazing things, and see how amazing life is here at Surval!

See you soon, I hope!


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