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My Surval Winter Camp experience

Posted on: 18th February 2016 | Category: Winter Camp

I've been part of the Surval Montreux Winter Camp program. This has been the most memorable and exciting experience I have lived in the past few years.

Both the girls and the teachers have been extraordinarily friendly since I arrived, and I've been able to make friends with all of them. 

During the first two weeks, I had french, cooking, etiquette and makeup classes with the other winter camp girls. These were amazing, I improved my french level a lot, learned to cook outstanding things and improved my knowledge in etiquette and makeup. Throughout this time, the teachers treated me kindly and respectfully. 

As well as this, I visited Vevey, ice skated in Montreux and skied in Leysin and Rochers de Naye with the comoany if my new friends and teachers.

When they left, I had the incredible opportunity of being part of the Ski Week in La Plange. I developed a very strong bond with the girls and teachers. Now, some of the girls have become really good and best friends. 

I had already been in Surval for 3 weeks, 1 remaining. I didn't know what was I going to do without the other winter camp girls, which had already left. Then, they told me that I would experience being in the 9th grade class. I was so excited to finally see how did the school work. I was a part of the history, chemistry, math, english, etiquette, french and cooking. I thought that the level of learning and teaching was beyond great.

Surval Montreux is one of greatest schools I have ever been to. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the teachers, friends, and staff who took care of me during this month in Switzerland.

Antonia, Peru

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