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Boarding Activities at Surval

22 June 2024

We want our Surval Girls to thrive inside and outside of the classroom. May that be creatively, or just to relax! We've got something for everyone who boards with us at our all girls boarding school in the stunning location of Surval. 



After long school days, yoga in the sun was just what we needed, and where better to watch the sunset over the lake than from our tennis court? Relaxation at it’s best! As well as enhancing flexibility, strength, posture, and balance, yoga is extremely beneficial for our  girls. yoga at surval

This activity reduces stress, improves concentration, and develops a positive body image. Self-esteem is boosted by yoga because it manages stress and emotions emotionally. Overall, yoga supports holistic development by encouraging a healthy mind-body connection and promoting healthy lifestyle habits.


Running Club

Have you ever seen how still and quiet the lake is on a crisp Wednesday morning at 7am? Our run club has! Getting those endorphins flowing and pushing ourselves physically and mentally has been a challenge and a joy this year, although definitely the former for those brave enough to run back up the hill afterwards. Additionally, morning runs promote better sleep patterns and help establish a routine that encourages a healthy, active lifestyle. 


Art Club

Who could possibly look out of any window at Surval and not feel inspired? There’s enough artwork in Surval to fill a gallery; from sculptures to paintings, to jewellery to prints, everyone had a go this year at finding the creative practice for them. Whether it was to develop a new skill, or to just chill out, art at Surval has been different for everyone but for everyone all the same.

art club at surval    wall painting at surval

Wall Painting

It’s safe to say the students this year have left their mark on Surval... figuratively and literally. And what a beautiful mark it is! Designed and painted by a dedicated group of individuals in rain and shine alike, our new mural is a source of great pride for us all. 


Gala Dinners 

Our Etiquette society made their debut with our wonderful Winter Gala dinner this December, giving us all an excuse to glam up for a fine dining extravaganza. Setting the bar so high with their first event was a risk, but the team met it and more with their second Gala dinner which included fundraising for the upcoming Tanzania service trip. There was a buzz all day as the girls prepped the dining room and library to receive guests for apero. Learn how we instil etiquette at Surval.

surval gala dinner  surval montreux


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