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Aikido Workshop

Posted on: 26th January 2016 | Category: Sport

This Sunday we went to The Aikido workshop. I really wanted to try Aikido and I expected it to be great, but what was happening on the workshop was a lot more fun than I had imagined!

First, we talked a bit about what is power, what we want to learn etc. We learnt the power that is not against your enemy's power, but the power that flows with. We had to imagine we were saving the person we love, so we don't fight.Then we started practising how to fall so you don't hit you head and you can easily stand up.

After we learnt how to free yourself from the grab. First of all, you shouldn't concentrate on the grab, because if you do, you will panic and your mind will get trapped. Then you have to notice that your body is actually free, so you can move it. And then you should not fight with the one grabbing you, but just moving your body freely. I actually did free myself without adding any power or forces!

After that everybody stood in a circle, the teacher took a long wooden spear and started coming! Then he started waving it so I had to "stay alive". The point was that my feet were "stuck" to the floor, so I could only move my body, but not running away from the spear. That was quite hard though!

Then there was a combined exercise:we had to free ourselves from the grabs AND stay away from the weapons! At the end of this "game" I was so exhausted I could hardly walk! But that wasn't the end!..
The final and the most fun game was when we all had to run from the teachers and not to get "killed". Both times we played I got "killed" easily, I was so tired!

I really loved the Aikido workshop! I learned lots of cool stuff and I would like to repeat this experience once more!

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