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Beautiful sunshine in Europa Park

Posted on: 10th May 2016

A picturesque spring morning greeted the girls as they embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Europapark, the largest theme park in Germany! Upon arrival, the theme park was buzzing with activity from the excited screams of people on rides to the enticing smell of the donut stand that greeted us at the entrance.

With just over six hours to explore one of the world’s leading theme parks, some girls were daring; risking the fastest and scariest rides they could find to experience the greatest thrill, while others played games in attempt to win prizes which many succeeded.

Time crept up on us all too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to leave!

Europapark was definitely another amazing trip, affirmed by the abundance of smiling faces and exciting adventures the girls described on the journey back to school.

'Thursday at Europa Park was very fun! Although the lines were super long because of the holiday, the time flew by! My friends and I had a lot of fun on the Blue Fire roller coaster! The distance from the school to the park was a long time, but in the end it was worth it!'

Fernanda, Mexico

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