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Camp Vert Charity

Posted on: 26th May 2016

On Friday Liberal Arts students took part in a local charity, ‘loisirs pour tous’ which involved helping a disabled boy to join in activities with his friends. The three classes, junior school age, were spending three nights in a chalet in the countryside, and on this occasion the boy needed help from us, as volunteers.Firstly we went to the countryside on a school bus. After we arrived, we waited for the school children and the boy who was unable to walk, named Raphael. He is seven years old.

We helped to push a joelette for him because he needed help to go in the forest where the activities were taking place, and we looked at the wooden replicas of animals,some what similar to the extraordinary animal structures along the lake, made of vegatation. After that, we had a picnic in the countryside. During the picnic we had a long conversation with the teachers and other volunteers helping on the trip. We were really pleased that Raphaël was happy, we saw him smiling all the time and he even tried to talk to us (although our French was not yet fluent enough for a real conversation!). It was evident that he had thoroughly enjoyed the day, and felt part of the group with his friends.

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