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Fun Experiments in Biology Class

Posted on: 20th April 2015 | Category: School Life

Foundation-year Biology students took their lessons outdoors in the sunshine this week to carry out experiments with plants.  Each girl created her own individual experiment and prepared thoroughly, choosing one factor she would like to change in order to investigate its effect on plant growth.  For example, one girl is testing the effect of different volumes of water, another the effect of caffeine on the rate of plant growth, and another is placing her plants in different positions to see whether this will change the direction of root growth.  Paying a visit to the nearby garden centre, the girls collected all the materials they would need.  They then carried out their experiments, careful to change only their chosen variable and to keep all others constant.  They are going to keep their plants in their rooms and observe how they change over four weeks.  The results are eagerly anticipated!


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