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Go Karting Challenge

Posted on: 15th December 2016

The girls were in high spirits as we arrived at the track in Villeneuve and were anxious to sign up for particular races with their friends. After a safety talk and demonstration for each group we were up and running. There were many thrills and spills and lots of exciting races. The tight hair-pinned bends produced many a bottle-neck as racers jockeyed for position on the long and fast stretch of track. Some of the most memorable moments included the search for a helmet big enough to accommodate Tina’s hair and Alice’s last minute purchase of 100 jetons to play on the arcade games in the lobby with only five minutes to go before we took the bus back. Some unforgettable races too, including amazing displays from Nastya and Linda who were the queens of the track on the day; it is a pity they never managed to race against each other. Faith was involved in a minor collision but bravely carried on.

Another exciting moment was witnessing the bizarre names that the racers adopted such as Unicorn, Little Croissant and Queen Bee when they flashed up on the lap scoreboard. The girls enjoyed a really fun activity, with time afterwards to play on dance games and Guitar Hero in the arcade before we left for Surval, clutching our race results!

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