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Grade 11 Surval students: The next worldwide magazine

Posted on: 23rd June 2016

This term, Grade 11 English have been honing their skills in a broad range of genres through analysis and evaluation of non-fiction texts and extracts. Building on the analysis, the students then produced magazines aimed at the audience of their choice. The girls had to write the following features for their magazine: an opinion article, a prose interview, a narrative review, an advertisement and a front cover which "sold" the magazine. The girls were assessed not only on the quality of their writing - in particular their ability to establish a distinctive narrative voice and adapt their style to different genres - but also on their layout skills. The editing process is a key part of any piece of writing, and the girls worked hard to build on their first and second draft targets. This was reflected in each girl's final draft, and the students should feel very proud of their magazine; they look very professional and I am sure that any teenage girl, or fan of equestrianism, bakery or travel would enjoy reading them!

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