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Ice Skating at Surval

Posted on: 8th December 2016

On Saturday, over half the school drove up the winding mountain road to the little resort town of Les Paccots for an afternoon of ice-skating. It was a cold, misty day and the girls were bundled up in winter coats and colourful hats.
For some of the students, it was their first time on the ice, so there were a few Bambi moments with arms and legs going in all directions! However, by the end of the session everyone was able to skate round the rink without having to cling - tooooo much! - to the barrier. Some of the girls who had been skating for longer showed off their skills with spins, crossovers and backwards skating, and Miss MacLeod ended up with very soggy jeans in her attempts to "teapot"! 
"It was a very good bonding activity - we couldn't stop laughing as we fell over!" Fernanda recalled, with Alexa adding that, "It was fun teaching the other girls some tricks." 
We finished off with a Surval Mannequin Challenge, which took the Mannequin Challenge to new levels - holding a pose on freshly resurfaced ice is no easy feat...

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