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Magic in Disneyland!

Posted on: 22nd April 2016

15 students jumped out of bed bright eyed and enthusiastic last Saturday to see if their dreams really were to come true at Surval's most recent Disneyland adventure. 

After 1 minibus drive, 2 trains, a very quick hotel check in and coach to the park we were in Disneyland Paris. In spite of the early start and long journey all students were bursting with energy and super excited about the forthcoming 2 days in the park. Even the rain couldn't dampen their spirits! A certain sense of national culture was evident as eight Mexican girls decided to take a methodical approach to their adventure and spent the first day exploring the studios with the second day exploring the main park. Sonia said that the 3D adventure ride Ratatouille was her favourite in which they had to escape the giant grasp of Chef Skinner! This was a fairly intimidating ride with such convincing 3D CGI special effects that it wouldn't be an uncommon to see adults cowering behind their children! 

With characteristic initiative, three Chinese students displayed a fearless determination to go on the biggest and scariest rides in the park all within the first day. By the second day they were Disneyland pro's and kindly invited both teachers to join them ensuring that they had 'flattering' pictures along the way! 

Four other girls embraced the thrills of the scariest ride, Space Mountain (a roller coaster in the dark) sitting right at the front with Liza stating afterwards 'space mountain was my favorite because it was in the dark and very fast!'. Liza S and Taisiia B said they enjoyed terror tower the most “because the drop was very scary and made their adrenaline pump!”.

The weekend was perfectly rounded off as we headed back to meet the group with Faith joining in with the parade dance. The smile on her face along with her outstanding enthusiasm and energy reflected the general theme of the whole weekend. Once we were all on the train back to Switzerland all students were completely exhausted but still with their usual beaming smiles after a magical Disney weekend. 

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