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Muffins for every taste

Posted on: 30th September 2014 | Category: Boarding life, Etiquette and cookery

On Sunday we had three sessions of muffin making. In each session we made one savoury and one sweet muffin. 

The building was redolent with the smell of fresh baked savoury, feta and cheese muffins, onion, red pepper and corn muffins, ham and Swiss muffins as well as the sweet orange, apple cinnamon and the banana chocolate chip muffins.

We had laughter, measuring debates (how do we convert these ounces into ml?) what is the best way to fold in an ingredient and how full do we make the muffin cups.

The final results was a smorgasbord of options with our evening meal.

“It was very fun. I like to cook. It was very interesting. I haven’t cooked muffins before.” (Sasha, Russia)

“Today we went to the kitchen to cook the cake with spinach. We have used products such as: spinach, oil, eggs, cheese, parmesan and wheat flour. I mixed everything together and put it in the oven. I liked! Very funny was Ms Martin. I liked her advice on cooking. In the end we added parmesan mixed with flours and cheese, all of it put in the oven. After 25 minutes it was ready. I think it came out delicious.” (Russian student)


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