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Ski day in Leysin

Posted on: 25th January 2016 | Category: Sport

On Saturday a small group of students went to Leysin for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Three girls tried their hand at snowboarding for the first time ever and quickly caught up with those who had been learning on our Ski Thursdays. By the end of the morning a lot of falls had been taken but great progress had been made and several snowboarders had already advanced to the stage of practising their turns!

At lunch we were treated to a beautiful view and sun at the top of the mountain whilst we regained our energy and rested our legs!

For the next session our groups changed as some instructors thought a few of the girls were ready for the next level of slope. Eugenia, Roberta and Sonia (who started snowboarding that morning) went off towards the green slope to put their turns to the test. A lot more falls were taken in the afternoon, especially getting off the ski lift whilst on their boards, but the girls rose to the challenge and were reluctant to stop at the end of the day.

Meanwhile on the beginner slope the beginner skiers, snowboarders and intermediate skiers were getting a bit more practice, some intermediates even going down backwards!

Overall a very successful and lovely day at Leysin, getting the students excited for our ski week in France.

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Ski day in Leysin:

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