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Sunday Ski Day - Ovronnaz

Posted on: 7th February 2018 | Category: Boarding life, Sport, Winter Camp

Early on Sunday morning we gathered our snowboards, skis, poles, helmets and other gear, heading for the ski resort, Ovronnaz. After a short drive up the mountain, we started skiing at 9:30.

The day was beautiful and the resort was amazing. There was a lot of good snow as well as icy parts in the mountain, although the beautiful weather that day made it much better.

At lunch, we shared a meal with our friends. We drank hot chocolate to keep us warm and ate a good salad to stay healthy. And then we dressed up again to ski. Our guide took us down some steep slopes and because all of the girls there were great skiers, we were able to fly down the mountains!

By: Valeria R. and Leanza P. Foundation Year

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