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Surval Montreux’s trip to Geneva School of Diplomacy

Posted on: 18th October 2016 | Category: School Life, University guidance

On the 5th of October, Surval Montreux’s Year 12 and Liberal Arts students were invited to take part in a lecture at the highly regarded Geneva School of Diplomacy. All the girls were very excited by the prospect of such an opportunity and experience, they arrived with high expectations; what greeted them was better than they ever imagined!

The keynote speaker was Mr Yves Daccord, the CEO of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). During the lecture, the girls learned much about how the ICRC functions in response to a diverse range of abnormal/critical situations which occur around the world. Mr Daccord also shared his personal experiences and perspectives on international conflicts and the unique role of the ICRC in these, including the refugee crisis. This particular aspect struck a nerve with our Liberal Arts students, who have been studying and discussing this hot potato topic in their classes at Surval. Mr Daccord’s talk also covered the thorny issue of social media and its role and influence in today’s world. The girls found it very insightful listening to such an experienced and highly-regarded advocate for humanity and hearing his personal and professional stories which had shaped him. 

Our excursion to the GSD lecture was totally fascinating, informative and engaging. All of the girls really enjoyed the experience, and are looking forward to returning in the near future to participate in another lecture, be that as a Surval or indeed a student of GSD.

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