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The beautiful city of Bern

Posted on: 10th October 2016 | Category: Boarding life

Last Saturday, whilst most of the school were out on the Swiss Tour, a small group of students visited Switzerland’s beautiful medieval capital, Bern.

The girls were thrilled to see the world famous Bern bears; the bears of course are the symbol of Bern. Ursina, Finn and Bjork were only too delighted to bask in the sunshine by the river as the girls shrieked with delight and snapped pictures of the trio.

A stroll along the beautiful streets led to another of Bern’s highlights, the Clock Tower. This astronomical clock was built in 1530 and has moving figures.

After soaking up some of the medieval atmosphere of this historic city, the girls proceeded to enjoy the arcades which Bern is also famous for. This area of cafes, souvenir shops and high street stores is one of Europe’s longest weather sheltered shopping promenades.

At the end of the trip, all the girls were excited about the prospect of visiting the city again and showing their friends the pictures of the “fluffy” and “cute” bears.

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