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Twelve weeks of Surval - Christmas song

Posted on: 17th December 2015 | Category: Music, theater and art

Twelve weeks of Surval

A song created and performed by Surval students


At my first week at Surval Mrs Penney said to me: Welcome to Surval Montreux

At my second week at Surval Ms Stobbart said to me: Come down to Prep

At my third week at Surval Miss Lewis said to me: No Sleepovers

At my fourth week at Surval Miss Rogers said to me: Don’t skip your Club

At my fifth week at Surval Mme Passos said to me: Have you signed out?

At my sixth week at Surval Miss Billson said to me: Come and join in Art Club

At my seventh week at Surval Mme Segondy said to me: Comment ça va

At my eighth week at Surval Miss Milne said to me: Stop missing Circuits

At my ninth week at Surval Ms Sexton said to me: Don’t stress for school

At my tenth week at Surval Spigarelli said to me: Vola mio mini pony

At my eleventh week at Surval Miss Wright said to me: Come and watch a movie

At my twelfth week at Surval Miss Murphy said to me: Wake up, time for school, Come and watch a movie, Vola mio mini pony, Don’t stress for school, Stop missing Circuits, Comment ça va, Come and join in Art Club. Have you signed out? Don’t skip your Club, No Sleepovers, Come down to Prep and Welcome to Surval Montreux.

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