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Principal's Blog: La Famille Surval

Posted on: 29th May 2018 | Category: Principal's Blog

Surval is a small school with a big heart, an international family with students and teachers from all over the world. Each member brings something unique and different to our family, something to celebrate and respect and something that everyone else can learn from. This month we have been particularly focussing on the importance of family, coming together to mark the International Day of the Family on May 15.

Our Etiquette teacher Mrs Wahli, launched the week with an Assembly to learn about the different cultures and nationalities we have at Surval. With a range of eclectic food options and fun-filled activities, the rest of the week celebrated all that was special about our international community. You can read more about the importance of family and how we can each learn from fellow members of our family in Mrs Wahli's wonderful blog

To capture the spirit of the week, we asked some of our students to tell us what family means to them at Surval. Their answers are a wonderful testimony to the spirit of Surval. Many include reference to Surval as their ‘Home’; one of our Grade 9 students wrote: ‘Family means a safe loving environment where you can be yourself without the fear of being judged’.

Many Schools strive and claim to maintain family values.  What makes Surval unique is that we are a true family, living and working together under the same beautiful roof. 

Parents bring their daughters here because they trust us to treat these girls as if they were our own. Surval is my home too and it is my greatest privilege and pleasure to look after such a gorgeous and extraordinary family.

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