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“Our first impression of Surval itself is that it felt like home…”

Posted on: 24th September 2018 | Category: Surval Life

Our new Grade 11 High School students, Fer and Susy, share their first impressions of their busy first few weeks at Surval…

One of the most important reasons for each of us when deciding to spend a year studying in a foreign country was the chance to create friendships with girls from many different nationalities and cultures, and this is something that we’ve already been able to do in just a few weeks at Surval. Being part of an international school is a great opportunity for us to interact with so many different girls, each one with a unique style and background.

Our first impression of Surval itself was that it felt like home. Teachers and staff members have given us a great welcoming environment and have made the school a friendly place. Something we have noticed as well about the town of Montreux is that people here are always looking out for eachother; we have realized how it is a really safe town and this has made us feel very comfortable to be living here.

Our lessons here are quite different from what we are used to - they are still challenging, and we enjoy the fact that small classes make it a very personalised environment. One of our favourite subjects is Etiquette; we believe it is an essential course that will never go out of fashion and every single person should be aware of it. Learning French has been a real challenge for both of us, given that our mother tongue is Spanish, but our teachers have made it simple to learn it since they are very attentive and have made their classes very interesting. We think it’s really special the way that the teachers and staff at Surval recognise students in their achievements on their courses, and motivate all of us to try and explore new paths.

It has only been three weeks and we have lived moments here that will last forever: starting off with the Tour of Switzerland, we visited incredible places such as Mount Pilatus, the Nufenen Pass, Lugano and Lucerne. In those places we got to know all the students that attended the trip much better; we had so much fun and we are already looking forward to the next trips. Outside of the classroom, we have joined various clubs – Running club, Colour & Fashion, Army Fitness, and Arts & Crafts. One of our favourite moments was when we had our first Army Fitness and got wet crossing the mountain stream!

One of our main goals for this year is to travel with our friends and get to know new places as well as the trips that Surval has planned for us already. However, this year is full of goals that we want to achieve and we truly know that Surval will help this journey come true.

With love, Susy & Fernanda, Grade 11, Mexico

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