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Excellence Lunch for Grade 9 French

Posted on: 17th October 2016

An Excellence lunch! What a great idea! I was delighted yesterday to be invited to this occasion, which celebrates girls who have made a particular contribution to Surval during the week: whether for outstanding work, contribution to charities, support of other students or generally working for the good of the community. Yesterday’s event heralded a group of girls who had made a superb video, in French, about their lives and work at school. Presided over by the Principal, Mrs Woodhouse, other guests included the French teachers who had initiated the project, and an old friend of the school, the former Director, M Fauquex. The lunch was, as always, delicious, but best of all was the company of the girls who made their best effort to speak in French, several with considerable success, even though they had been learning for only a short time. They were as ever friendly, sociable and fun to talk to. I loved the occasion and hope to be asked again whilst I am still in Switzerland!

- Mrs Penelope Penney

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